torsdag 10 januari 2013


More than 2 years have gone by since I last updated this blog. I guess that I have just been too lazy and unmotivated to update it even though I've worked out on a regular basis and stayed healthy. I have recently been thinking about blogging, sharing my workout routines, thoughts about training and eating etc. Therefore I decided to start blogging again and I found this old blog, so why not continue where I left? When I started this blog I was 16 years old, I'm now 18. During that time I thought I knew a lot about about training and eating etc, but in reality I barely knew anything that was true. I mostly relied on guys on the internet who I knew had made a great progress and did very little research myself. For the last year I've been testing several known workout programs, my own modified programs, also been testing different diets and different macronutrients distributions. Right now I feel like I'm pretty close to maximizing my gains, even though I'm studying for exams and I also have lots of other things going on in my life which most people have, at least from time to time. So, being quite busy and staying healthy can be pretty hard. That's what I thought, when in reality, gaining muscle mass and being fit is actually not that hard. You will just have to plan your training/diet with care. If anyone is interested in knowing what has worked best for me and which guidelines I recommend following, as we are all different, but there are still great guidelines to follow. Then please write a comment or inbox me.

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